June 22, 2009

Hey Dollface!

Spending a weekend home on my own was meant to be fun - it was something I've been looking forward to for weeks. But then I got a miserable cold (it is the end of term...) and was bored and lonely without my two boys home.

I managed to get a little bit creative between nose wipes...

Recently I was reminded of the joys of drinking tea from a teapot, however I was desperately in need of a tea cosy. A pot of tea drunk by one goes cold mighty quick!

I used my favourite patternmaking technique (plastic bag and masking tape) to make a rough pattern for my favourite teapot and voila!

Without the flowery covering, it looked a lot like something a hobbit would wear, but I am pretty pleased with the final outcome. And, best of all, it works.

During last week I also had a go at making a Black Apple doll, having seen some beautiful girlies made by some of the Brown Owls. Thanks Tracey Brown Owl for the link!
I love love love Emily Martin's illustration style!!

I really like leaving dolls with very simple features, so just went with eyes for this one. Her name is Tsubi, and she is going to be our next Toy Society drop. Not too sure where she'll be left yet - maybe outside the local Community Centre.

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  1. Hello, it's Tracey from Brown Owls here just popping into blog-landia, peeking at others creations (even at 10:43pm seems the best time for it ey). I noticed you couldnt hunt down the Black Apple doll pattern, so here it is: http://www.marthastewart.com/article/black-apple-doll there is a video on the martha stewart page too which goes though the entire process - awesome! Hope to see you at the next meet (members were there in epic proportion last night, 30 all up). Enjoy the school holidays! X byeeee Tracey