July 18, 2009

Addictive personality? You be the judge!

Our last couple of weeks have been a flurry of planes, buses and automobiles...
just missed out on including trains, too. School holidays have never been less relaxing!
For all the hectic-ness, we have had a lot of fun visiting 2 sets of grandparents and a pair of great grandparents in two states - spent a lot of time drinking tea, looking at photo albums and hearing lovely stories from them all.

Since last my Brown Owls meet about 3 weeks ago, I have become seriously stuck on crocheting - learning a couple of stitches other than chain seems to have inspired me an incredible amount!!
In this short time, I have finished 3 cowls, a pair of wrist warmers, 2 scarves and several randomly shaped bits and pieces as I experiment with shaping!
Crochet is the medium for me... I enjoy the process of knitting, but am truly terrible at it, so I'm stoked to have found an alternative!

The black curly scarf is a lovely soft mohair from the Bendigo Woollen Mill.
It took me a bit to get used to the open fibres, but after persevering (9 hours on the bus to Victoria!!!) I was an expert. At least I spent SOME of my school holidays doing something for me!
Finished length is about 180cm, and it has quickly become my new favourite accessory!

The stripy scarf was whipped up in a couple of nights for my son to take on his scout camp, when we heard the temperature was going to be colder than expected.
This pic is post-camp, so ignore any unpleasant nasties that I failed to pick off it!!

He chose the colours for it based on one square of a (genuine-made-by-a-granny) granny rug he was given by his great-grandma during our visit.

I have been attempting to make flower brooches, stubbornly without instructions...
I was thrilled to see at Brown Owls next week we can learn! Serendipity! Just as my frustration levels were peaking, too! The colours are scraps - not necessarily wearable.

We visited Morisset on Lake Macquarie and were lucky to find a bunch* of op shops!
If I had the room in my luggage, I could easily have bought (for the princely sum of $10) an entire BOX of gorgeous men's patterns from the 60s and 70s!!! Oh the sadness at leaving those behind!
The illustrations alone were a barrel of laughs!
This one made it home, though!! Not sure if the big or little fella will benefit from it yet, although they are almost the same size now anyway...

*Some discussion on our way home to Adelaide... IS a group of op shops actually a 'bunch'?? Maybe a naphthalum of op shops... or even just an opportunity of shops (the 12yr old's suggestion!!)
PS: Apparently naphthalene is a sublime substance. For real!!! A million, trillion nannas can't be wrong!

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  1. Your mens vintage pattern illustration has inspired me to find a heap and frame them. The more rediculous the better I say. hehe :) From Tracex