April 29, 2011

A little disappointment but a lot of love!

What a truly fabulous time we had this Easter! I get very little time each year with my two brothers, so getting a super-long long weekend together this year was terrific!

For a moment there we weren't sure if everyone would make it - the top was torn off of L's camper van only a short distance from his home, and their carefully packed load was strewn up the highway... Very luckily, no cars were behind them and only property was damaged. After a quick re-pack, with tents this time, L and co made the Grampian Gardens Tourist Park in time for dinner and plenty of marshmallows on the fire!!

As we headed for the Grampians, we were aware of some parts being closed as a result of flood damage earlier in the year. However, finding 80% of the park closed was a huge shock. Sadly, places we remembered visiting as kids and hoped to return to are not accessible at the moment. The amount of work done along the Silverband Falls walk that we took was enormous - new paths were laid all along the creek, and unsafe areas had been cordoned off, but everywhere we went, there were massive piles of broken trees and debris.

This is the bridge that had been swept along the creek.

Despite all the mess, the landscape was still a beautiful thing!

I think the very best part about camping has to be the stars... I forget how soul-repairing they can be. Having lived in the city now for 11 years, I am always surprised by how amazing a clear country sky can be.

April 21, 2011

Wishing my life away

Did you know that teachers spend more time wishing their days away than people in any other profession??
"Just six more weeks until the next holidays, only a week until the next assessment, just four days left and we go back to school, just 2 hours of sunlight and the weekend is over, just another term and we're done for the year..." What a truly negative way to live... or is that just me!?

Thinking about this has made me want to make much better use of my time, as it occurs, rather than as I anticipate it!
So, we have a new office (and I have a new sewing room!!!!). The little guy needed more space and I needed a big reorganisation, so we swapped rooms. Everyone is pleased with the outcome... I just need to stop calling it "MY sewing room" - Peter suggested he might be able to have the bathroom, as everyone else has their own room but him!

The day bed, or 'Princess and Pea' bed, is waiting for hard rubbish collection to return to it's normal height, however it makes a superb cutting table at present!

And in true holidays form, a bit of family cooking has occurred - cherry cookies for our Easter camping trip.

I have also been collecting reading matter for the break:

  • Captain Freedom - G. Xavier Robillard
  • The Running Man - Micheal Gerard Bauer
  • Why do I need a teacher when I've got Google? - Ian Gilbert
  • The Einstein Factor Quiz Book (for long car trips!)
  • Yummi 'Gurumi - C Haden and M Sala
  • World of Geekcraft - Susan Beal
  • Handmade Nation - the rise of DIY, Art, Craft and Design - Faythe Levine & Cortney Heimerl
I shouldn't be bored, anyway!!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Easter... We are heading to Halls Gap to spend time with my two lovely brothers and their families. I can't wait!!!