March 2, 2010

Sad Farewells

Last week was mildy devastating for us... well, me at least...
Joe Budgie died unexpectedly.
Maybe attacked by his room mate, Alice (Cooper). Maybe terrorised by the local mynah, Mr Bob Dobalino. Maybe a case of premature old age.

We'll never know - there wasn't a post-mortem.
But it was sad, very sad.
I was appalled, and cried some more when
Pete suggested getting a new budgie.

That lasted 12 hours -

meet Monty Kakoscke. He has eye lashes!!!

To ease the pain, I made these macaroons using Tartelette's recipe. They were pretty spesh, particularly for my first ever go, however they were directly responsible for me having a flat tyre AND a speeding fine all in the same day.