April 26, 2010

Made it.

I finished ANOTHER brooch at Brown Owls last fortnight... It's straight out of the Jan/Feb issue of Sew Hip. A nice quick project to use up scraps!

I really like how the colours look on my (thrifted) burgundy wool jacket - I'm just wishing for some cooler weather so I can wear it, now!

April 25, 2010

New autumn favourites...

Between returning to school and change-of-season coughs and colds, we have been feeling a bit rough this last week. Spending afternoons asleep is a good thing some of the time, but after work it's not such fun waking up as the house grows dark, then realising noboby else has thought about dinner either!

Lucky the weekend arrived when it did! Although I felt guilty getting up late today - we should have been helping the Scouts put out chairs for the ANZAC ceremony at 4.45 this morning., then afterwards serving breakfast to the oldies. L was a bit disappointed I think, but knows how miserable I've been the last few days. They have all suffered ;)

This week the teenager and I have been reading through the Autumn chapters of Maggie's Harvest, and found a delicious spiced treat to make - persimmon bread.

I really enjoy reading Maggie Beer's books - the stories she tells are interesting and personal. I am surprised that L enjoys them too - he is interested in her descriptions of the perfect specimens, and places she has eaten wonderful dishes!! Such an unusual boy!

Today we have roasted chestnuts, made Thai pumpkin and carrot soup and a fetta and leek tart for lunch tomorrow. And as I write, the young man is preparing roast lamb for dinner! Things are looking up!

Earlier in the week, I made a couple of little cuties from the 'More Softies' book. I cut out about 5 of the little elephants before realising just how horribly fiddly they are to make..... more UFOs?!

April 15, 2010

Holiday are almost gone...

But I feel like I've done a little with them. I bought and finished The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak. I think this might be the best book I've read this decade! I highly recommend it.

We had a weekend away ( in Hahndorf) and spent time doing all the touristy things - browsing in over-priced shops, eating at bakeries, cafes and authentically German-style pubs!

It was lots of fun, but best of all was finding skeins of this recycled sari silk at a most reasonable price! I've been looking for something nice to make mum a scarf, but hadn't seen anything interesting in the right colours... This fit the bill!

Mind you, I did start crocheting four different scarves before I realised it just needed to be knit in good old garter stitch - it was way too busy otherwise!

I also made another batch of macarons - in the unlikely combination of peanut butter and lemon. They were something else!