October 18, 2011

So I went to Vegas and got married....

We had lots of trouble uploading photos while we were away, so here are a few to make up for a lack of sharing!!

October 2, 2011

Today we leave...

...on what is to be our weddingmoon!!!

After weeks of mystery and hints (including one in the recycling bin - yes, I admit I caved in and went through the bin like a desperate woman!), it has finally been revealed that there is a high likelihood of a Vegas wedding!

The catch is - that is ALL I know! All plans are being made by Peter... he says he feels a bit like Shaun Micallef on 'Talking 'Bout Your Generation' , as part of the surprise is going to involve envelopes which I must choose from... Scary!!

He's all about surprise and spontaneity, but I don't deal all that well with either!

HOWEVER.... I've made the very gracious decision to sit back and let it all happen around me! I will buy a dress on the day if necessary....I've made it clear, however, that I won't jump out of a plane or off a tower, or ride a rollercoaster with a celebrant at 60 miles an hour!!

If I have any say, I'd love a vintage-inspired dress, but besides that, I have very few wants... I'll just be thrilled to marry my gorgeous partner of 12 years!

Stay tuned for more details!