October 2, 2011

Today we leave...

...on what is to be our weddingmoon!!!

After weeks of mystery and hints (including one in the recycling bin - yes, I admit I caved in and went through the bin like a desperate woman!), it has finally been revealed that there is a high likelihood of a Vegas wedding!

The catch is - that is ALL I know! All plans are being made by Peter... he says he feels a bit like Shaun Micallef on 'Talking 'Bout Your Generation' , as part of the surprise is going to involve envelopes which I must choose from... Scary!!

He's all about surprise and spontaneity, but I don't deal all that well with either!

HOWEVER.... I've made the very gracious decision to sit back and let it all happen around me! I will buy a dress on the day if necessary....I've made it clear, however, that I won't jump out of a plane or off a tower, or ride a rollercoaster with a celebrant at 60 miles an hour!!

If I have any say, I'd love a vintage-inspired dress, but besides that, I have very few wants... I'll just be thrilled to marry my gorgeous partner of 12 years!

Stay tuned for more details!


  1. Nawwww... I KNEW he couldn't keep a secret! :D

    *Happy dance*


  2. Fantastic! And congratulations, have a fabulous time and can't wait to see the pics! Will Liam walk you down the ailse?

  3. Woohoo. Have a fantastic time! Always wantedto get married in Vegas by an Elvis impersonator!

  4. Thanks everyone... Megs- no idea if there will even be an aisle, but it will be beautiful to have Liam take part somehow. We even rushed out and bought him smart clothes just in case!!

  5. Our love to you all, have the bestest time, doing whatever you are going to do!! I hope the dress shopping is not too frenetic - give yourself plenty of time, ya haveta get that bit just right!!! Hope it's video ed or something!!! Keep us all up to date of EVERYTHING - even the romantic bits! Luv y'all