August 20, 2009

And more brooches.....

I think these are becoming a habit... HELP!!!!
This is the latest crocheted flower brooch - attached to my latest UFO, a Burda coat which I was certain would be amazing if I made it out of vintage curtain fabric. How wrong could I be!?!
While I still love the colours of the fabric, I have seriously lost interest in the whole coat idea. Maybe if it was shorter. And if I painted out the vast expanses of cream background... Next winter perhaps!

Then there is the beginning of the 'Small Furry Animals' range (as suggested by the man-child). He's partly correct - I do have an array of felt animals cut out on the ironing board, but I don't consider moose either small nor fluffy.

And a couple of views from the sewing room...

Much of my art from the last 8-10 years has focussed on the idea home and having a place in the world that is uniquely yours... The little houses are made from stitched gingham, copying designs from some of the handmade aprons in my (unnecessarily large) collection. The other two houses are made out of lino from my friend Carol's kitchen floor... complete with splashes of paint and grime from 50 years worth of daily life. Wish I'd known how to crochet when I made them.

And this is Ma-mee. My grandmother won her in a raffle in 1950, but only had sons, so luckily, as first grandaughter, she became my friend. Originally she walked when coaxed, and said "ma-mee" when tipped upside down, but going in the bath put an end to that :(
The even has a complete wardrobe of the most beautifully handcrafted clothes - a pleated tartan skirt, an eyelet blouse, pyjamas and underwear. I love her, even though she has a tendency to freak out friends who stay in her room...

August 13, 2009

Oh, My Broochy Goodness!

More Brown Owls last night - my fortnightly inspiration fix!!
However, as usual, at the last minute I decide NOT to do more crocheting (nobody in the house can think of anything else they want made...), so I hurriedly went through my little book of make and do ideas for - you guessed it - IDEAS!!!
I found some dodgy birdcage drawings I had started to do for a pair of custom Keds, and realised they would be rather fancy as brooches instead! And so far, so good...

My latest brooches seem to be verging on the larger side... I guess, given that I have no plans for selling them, they only have to appeal to me at this point though. And I do love a gigantic brooch!!! This one is about 8 cm x 5cm at its widest bits.

And then, beacuse I have the attention span of a gnat, I made this little girly.
She's only 4.5 x 3.5cm - much tinier!

I would like to start planning things to sell at the Goodwood Christmas Market - likely be brooches... Any feedback would be fabulous!!
After last Brown Owls, where lots of girls were making crocheted flower brooches, I attempted my own pattern, and came up with something wearable after only 4 disasters!

I wore it to school today and got many positive comments from teenagers...
who'd have thought, hey!?

I'm looking forward to my mum visiting Adelaide this weekend... might get her to this weekends Goodwood market if her and little sis don't have other plans. Sunday I'm off to the Gilles Street Market with one of my beautifully talented Year 12 students from last year. Can't wait for the weekend!!!

Ooh, and while I think of it... check out the loveliness at Shelbyville.
Particularly her
Etsy shop... another addiction of mine!!