September 24, 2011

And another dress!

 Okay - the second pattern I've been using (Simplicity 2373) is much more of a hit! I've made the pants, adapted to be 3/4 and a closer fit in the legs, a strapless top from some satin jacquard that was kicking about, and this halter neck dress! The jacket has also been cut out and is waiting for a turn...

I really love this candy-striped binding... Spotlight had a small range of it - baby blue, red and black. I might be heading back for some more, I think - I can imagine all sorts of creations using it!! However, sewing it at night was a headache.... a bit like watching repetitive white lines on the road roll by constantly!!

Eight sleeps left now till we take off! And many, many hints of a surprise in Vegas...

1 comment:

  1. does that mean a walk down a certain aisle???????????????? Love the dress by the way looks gorgeous!