September 18, 2011

The count down begins...

Only 13 sleeps til we take off for the US!
We have finished booking transfers and pre-purchased tickets to stuff (Alcatraz, Universal Studios, Disneyland, etc) on the interwebs, and collected our tickets, so it finally feels real!! Ok - I admit it - I'm starting to get excited at last!

I'm less excited, however, about the clothing I've been making to take...

The Lisette dress, which I had high hopes for, is a terrible shapeless sack, as you can see above. I put it down to my usual problem of thinking I'd somehow end up looking like the leggy model on the envelope, but my tall thin friend Mel had a go and she wasn't happy either. It will be okay for wearing on a hot day at home, but no way am I wearing it in public!!

On the up side, though - two vintage patterns I melded together and graded up, (Simplicity 3153 and McCall's 7573) came together well in the long run. I WILL wear this in public!! Like my glowing shoes?!

I planned to have short sleeves on this, but quite like it sleeveless - I've bound both the neck and sleeves with red binding.

I will say, this dress was something of a drama to fit - the men at home here are pretty much USELESS at pinning stuff, particularly in any helpful kind of way! I ended up removing almost as much of this dress as I added in the grading process... why, oh why, does this always happen!? I was so careful to measure the pattern and myself and it clearly wasn't going to fit, but then I end up taking heaps of fabric out anyway. Does this happen to you, too? Ah, the joy of sewing vintage patterns!

Next on the drawing board is the black sun dress, which I plan to add interest too using some candy striped bias binding I found this week... should be fun anyway!

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  1. Chuck a black belt around your Sack Dress and it will look gorgeous I reckon! Love the neck line of it. And the floral dress looks amazing. Bravo xxxx