June 8, 2009


So here it is... the new blog! Just one more place I can rant on about stuff no one here at home really wants to listen to!!!

For a month now, I have been a member of the Toy Society... Thinking of toys to make is almost as much fun as finding somewhere special to leave them. Playgrounds and libraries have worked well for me so far. L had the idea that it would be nice to leave them in places where refugees might find them. Thoughtful for one so young! Anyway - the squishy friends so far:

We spent some time today browsing through lots of people's trash and a few people's treasures at the Fisherman's Wharf Market. It tends to be my fallback market when nothing else is on!

There are a couple of stalls we always do well at - a little old lady and her daughter sell old linen, aprons, patterns, 60s coats and other sewing odds and ends, and I always manage to find somethere there I

No exception today - she had lots of bad 80s patterns but tucked amongst them were these two beauties...

Simplicity 4670 is a little the worse for wear, but complete.

McCalls 7366 is definitely being made - the yellow version for starters, I think. In red!

It has been remarked upon that I actually just collect collections. Thanks, Legs!! Just because I collect Barbies, aprons, old patterns, rhinestone brooches, birds, salt and pepper shakers, leaf-shaped plates, etc etc doesn't mean I'm indiscriminate about what I buy!!!

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  1. Well, it's clearly NOT Sunday the 6th, nor 11:34pm...mmmmm interesting!