June 16, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!!!

At our first Adelaide Brown Owls meet last Wednesday (which was terrific!!!), I finished this little matroyska brooch, with a whole bunch of other designs in mind. I really enjoy working with felt - it is so forgiving and has that lovely folksy feel about it.
One of the Brown Owl prefects had brought in an old owl embroidery design for us to work on...
I decided I would love it more if it was tiny, so this is my little fella!

Anyway, it would seem that I truly have the felt brooch bug (better than swine flu anyday!)...
I made some of these flowers-

and some of these flowers-

and have now started making a series of these silhouette brooches- a little bigger than I normally wear, but I love the drama of them!!

...and I also bought the book, Sew What! Skirts for work ;) and spent the weekend
being inspired by it (and this great fabric!!)

The book is aimed at beginners, but has some lovely ideas about design details, and really simplifies the pattern-making process, which is perfect for my students at school. They want fabulous-looking, but without having to learn too many skills... this is perfect!

And finally - today I bumped into this sweet book. The Kitchen Linen Book.
It not only has lovely references to all types of linen and the history of these things, but people's stories about their favourite pieces, recipes, tips on inviting friends for lunch, how to make the perfect cup of tea, and so on! And one image features a pair of turkey salt and pepper shakers which I just happen to own as well! See - fate made me buy it!!!

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