January 16, 2011

Summer rain

I guess like lots of people I'm feeling sad and a bit overwhelmed by what's been going on in Queensland... and a little bit angry at all the idiots who just keep going against the recommendations of Police and emergency services.

The last couple of days have brought this all closer to home, as my parent in Rochester, Victoria, have worked with others to keep flood waters out of their homes.

This is a picture of the main street... if you turn right behind that four wheel drive, and head up the road about 500 metres, you get to my parents' home. They are lucky that their house is on a small rise, but the granny flat where mum does family day care had water lapping at the top of the verandah, and bikes were floating in the yard! Hundreds of people were evacuated last night, including the hospital and nursing home, so mum and dad were lucky to be able to stay put.

The water rose to 9.14 metres... a bit higher than ever recorded. Water levels are going down this morning, but more is expected later today, as the weir nearby is beyond capacity... wish I could be there to help with the clean-up.


  1. Glad to hear your parents are ok! Thank goodness their house is on a little rise.

  2. Isn't this weather just so terrible at the moment - you have to wonder what on earth is happening and what is Mother Nature trying to tell us! I feel completely helpless not being in Qld to help either, guess we just have to support via the phone!