January 21, 2011

A Little Revelation

Who knew that hessian was a useful material? As an art teacher, I have only ever seen value in covering dirty old pinboards with it... Never to actually sew with. All those hairy fibres dropping off everywhere, and the SMELL...

But I needed some neutral coloured, textured fabric to make some small fabric baskets for the bathroom and it was perfect!



Nice, huh?

Also wanted to show off this top I made before Christmas... I ripped off the pattern of a Portmans top I have, but changed the neckline.

And last night's dinner...

Pesto, prawn,tomato, fetta and basil on the left, and roast pumpkin, salami and jalapenos on the right- I love pre-made pizza dough!


  1. yummy pizzas Donna! Mark is our official pizza dough maker at our house - he's got the knack, and I really can't be bothered lol.

    Hesian on a classroom pinup board???!! Is that a high school thing? Try meters of cheap bold fabric from Spotlight - so much nicer.

    ps: I still have your book will bring it to B.O in future. I couldn't get into it but I adore the title :)

  2. I guess the hessian was available through the art supply guy... I was in a country school at the time - the nearest Spotlight was 1 1/2 hours away! :( It came in colours if that's any consolation!