January 2, 2011

A new decade full of hope and promise...

I can sustain positivity for at least the first few weeks; it's all down hill after that!
Happy New Year to one and all - I hope the next twelve months is a time full of laughter and love.

This year, breaking with tradition, I have not made a SINGLE resolution - after 25 years worth of unfulfilled ones, I decided I've had enough. And I feel a better person for it, too!

Christmas came and went, and for a change I was pretty organised. We shared a lovely long weekend with family and dear friends in Victoria, then returned, leaving the teenager to spend quality time with cousins and grandparents for a week. For the first time ever, he will make the 9 hour bus journey home alone. That's progress!!! And me and Mr G are spending some quality time, too. How nice!!

I enjoyed my two weeks break before Christmas, and found time to whip up a few more handmade pressies, like this set of pillowcases for my granny, from Alicia Paulson's Embroidery Companion. There are so many beautiful things in this book... I bought it mainly for the gorgeous skirt on the cover - perhaps I'll get to it while I still have holidays.

I'm loving this embroidery business, though... It's been quite a while since I did any, and I'm getting right back into it! I settled on a boring diary for this year, but have snazzed it up a bit with a new cover (my interpretation of one of the designs in this book).

As usual for the holidays, I have been enjoying some time spent cooking. My favourite new recipe is a chicken, fetta, sundried tomato and pesto pastry roll... they are delicious, and freeze really well, too!

I had to promise the young fella that I would wait until he returned to cook more macarons!
In the meantime, big plans for the next few weeks - continuing the lookout for a new car, camping at Goolwa, a nephew's wedding, and lots of these... happy days!


  1. Wow I love your diary cover that is gorgeous! And I have that mug too, a little Christmas gift to myself. Your Chicken pastries look yummo, and I must try making macaroons, ever since you bought those ones to brown owls I have been meaning to try and make some, so I must do it soon. Got a new mixer for Chrissy so I guess I have no excuse!?!

  2. oh dear, does this bode ill for my FIRST year of resolutions...?



  3. Hey there! I came across your blog randomly looking at pictures of chicken pastries for dinner. I was then admiring the dutch bike on your header and realised we have something in common - your blog is red wrenny and mine is red wren!
    Nice to meet you!