August 8, 2011

So, I was thinking a new skirt for our trip to the US... Not that we are actually going to New York, but I figured the sentiment is appropriate! I haven't nutted out how it will look yet, but I'm thinking a red yoke, print skirt with two narrow red bands around the bottom. Any other ideas??

This weekend, we went birthday shopping for a 14 year old with extremely quirky taste... We went to bric-a-brac heaven (Strathalbyn) and came home with these (excuse the nasty photo!):

Yep - that's right... HORNS!

The funniest part of the shopping trip was sending the fellas back to the shop to negotiate a fair price for the horns... The young bloke was terrified, but triumphant when he got them under budget!!
Apparently the birthday boy was thrilled!

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