August 17, 2011

Finally... some inspiration!

For the last two weeks at school we have been involved with the Artists in Schools program through Carclew... A very little group of our lucky students have been working three days a week with artist Sam Evans on a whole array of different projects - charcoal and ink drawing, life drawing, wire sculpture and soon aerosol art.

I have been taking part in each of the activities while I supervise my class, and boy, has it got the creative juices flowing again.... I have realised how much I miss making, and talking about, art with other people around. Ideas come flooding into my brain!!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed making the wire sculptures with the class... it is very much like drawing, but using pipe cleaners also brings back memories of childhood - I think in a waythis helps you be more creative and somehow less inhibited...

Anyway, some of what I have made so far... the house is still a work in progress.

Winged Victory

Alice Flew the Coup (this is an autobiographical piece!!)

Facade No. 1


  1. DONNA!!!!! You are back baby! Wow, I think you need to exhibit these pieces they are truly amazing. I love the house, can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  2. About time! They are all georgous.....keep going baby!