May 3, 2011

Ta da....

So - not nearly as classy as some of the examples I looked at, but I'm pretty happy with my new terrariums - all four of 'em!
We went for a meal at the Bridgewater Inn and wandered around the creek at the back to find, not only a wealth* of moss, but also someone's deserted bonfire!! So we filled our zip-lock bags then poked the fire for a bit before heading home to get all creative!

I also removed the super-daggy curtains in the new sewing room and replaced them with something a bit craftier... call it a work in progress!

* I'm not entirely certain that a 'wealth' of moss is the proper collective noun... Any other suggestions?


  1. terrariums...It's my new vocabulary! Very interesting.

    I like the new curtain:) Did you make them all? I also need to change a curtain in the kitchen door. My friend whom we'd rent this place for a year damaged it...but I have to wait till my machine get repaired!

  2. Glad to see you are always learning, Yasmina!!!

    All of the doileys I used are from op shops... I don't yet have the patience to make them!