March 30, 2012

I never thought I'd say this, but

gingham, love of my life - you suck!

You give me headaches matching your checks. You pull threads unbearably when I sew anywhere off the straight grain, even with a ball-point needle.
You pucker around my lovely red snaps. And worst of all, you are not particularly flattering on a grown-up lady. Unless she was going for the picnic table-cloth look. Which she wasn't.

Excuse nasty images to follow...

Years ago, I made this McCalls pattern in some lovely Japanese cotton, and for some reason along the way, decided to part company with it. Sorting out my patterns this week, I found it and remember how much I had liked it. I also found the envelope containing the carefully redrafted pattern into a size that would actually fit me! Hallelujah!! 

My favourite thing about this pattern is the sweet collar in View D, so that was what I made to begin with. Spotlight were in the throes of new shelving etc, so I bought what was left of the green apply cotton for $2 a metre - only 1.3m as it turned out, but just enough!
Apples considerably less fuzzy in real life...

For once in my life, I did the right thing and measured everything to check it would still fit me. As it looked like a squeeze, I decided to add a little to the lower centre back fold. It became enormous! I seem to have nothing but trouble working out the sizing of older patterns...

So to prove a point, I also made it in gingham (View A) according to the (apparently too small) pattern. Fits like a dream! Well, horizontally, anyway! The only changes I made were to cut across the upper bust and back and drop everything about an inch to lower the bust dart. I also bound the armholes and neck, and removed an inch from the back neck as it was crazy high without a collar!

Picnic, anyone?

I plan to rework the green top to fit better - I might put darts in the back for a more streamlined fit as it is a fairly shapeless design. I am very happy with the collar and the array of pink, mismatched buttons, though... and I do have two more tops to wear!

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  1. Do you have a dressmakers dummy you can drape things on? I steal my Mum's when dealing with darts etc because I am rubbish at fitting things to myself as I go along.