December 16, 2009

Here it comes... the REALLY silly bit of the silly season...

Although I am finally on holidays, it feels like I've hit the ground running this week... Friday night - work breakup at our house, Sunday was the first of two family Christmases we are hosting, now trying to make inroads into the mound of UFOs that is overtaking my sewing room so the next lot of rellies can sleep in there... I'm making up for six months of being snowed under, and I'm hoping to get it under control in a week... I am NOT holding my breath!!

Seems like ages ago now, but I have to comment on just what a fabulous night out the Brown Owls Christmas break up was! The company was splendid, the food was tasty (mine anyway!!), but best of all was the Kris Kringle of handmade goodness!

Further proof of the talented ladies you all are! I was lucky to get this gorgeous package from Megan - Cookies in a Jar (white choc and cranberry, no less!), hidden away in the cutest red spotty lunch sack!!! My favourite on both counts!

Oh - and our house is turning into a forest... we've been pumping pine trees out at a rate of three a night! Next year I'll start earlier and make them as Christmas cards, I think! I got the idea from


  1. I was wondering how you were going with all of your christmas bonanza plans you crazy lady!!!! I hope that one day I will be confident with my own cooking abilities to put my hand up for 16 Christmas do's at our house... on second thoughts maybe not...

    Good luck with the WIP's. Oh did we talk about the embroidered clock idea a while back? i tried one out - its on my blog.

    :)merry festivities x

  2. Wow, I love your Christmas tree decos, might have to give that a try too! That's if I can fit it in between now and next friday! I am so behind with all things christmas! You will have to let me know how the cookies turn out. Glad you liked your pressie!

  3. Hiya Donna. Love the chrissie tree decos. Very cool. Was great chatting with you at the Brown Owls dinner. I have applied for the Certificate Jewellery Course.....the year long baby...hopefully I will get in. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Day. Andy

  4. That's terrific Andy!! I hope you get in too... be great to see you around my workplace a bit!!
    Have a great Chrissy, all!