October 11, 2009

Little home improvements (and something to show for the holidays!)

This week I hung my latest aquisitions - two beautiful digital illustrations from Art&Ghosts...
This quote kind of sets the tone for her work -
"Up until the age of seven, Art&Ghosts rather fancied that she was actually a small sycamore tree instead of real person."
Quirky, hey?!! Take a look at her portfolio - very beautiful images!

Anyway, the bottom image got me thinking - bunting. There's sure not enough of it in the right places! Like my bedroom, for starters. And, given the number of unattached bits kicking around the sewing room, most other rooms in my house!
I can recommend it as a quick way to get rid of fabric - in no time at all I had worked my way through a great big pile of pieces I'd been hanging onto for too long.

I also managed to get out this week to spend my October IKEA allowance!! No, really!!)
Instead of what I went for, I came home with this! Now the budgie lives on top of a wine rack which used to be here, instead of a rickety piece of shelving I built one night 10 years ago.
Everybody's happy!!
(Oh, and the tin on the bottom shelf has nut loaf in it - it was a busy day!!)

And one last thing - I just wanted to show off this painting that L did during the arts and crafts afternoon we had at Victor! He has his own unique sense of humour!!


  1. I love that painting Donna!!

  2. Hmm I need an IKEA budget!! Love your bunting.