September 30, 2009

Holiday Treasures

We spent a wind-swept four days at Victor Harbour to start off the school holidays in proper holiday mode for a change... Travelled down in two cars so the man of the house could get back to work on Monday and I could stay on a bit longer with the little guy.

We went whale-watching every day, sometimes twice a day, and were extremely excited to see whales on three occasions!!! As an adult, I feel a bit saddened that there are so few things to be truly excited about anymore - this kinda made up for that!! I was jumping around like a silly thing, while 12yr old watched me warily, checking that noboby else had noticed my behaviour...
Come on though - we were 50 metres from a WHALE!!! How often does that happen?!?

Another highlight was investigating the little old main street of Port Elliot. We found junk shops, book shops, cake shops and a shop that was all three in one! Paradise!!

I bought this...

and these (the bundle for $3 - bargain!!)...

and several treasures from Little Bird at Elliot, which comes highly recommended!

When we got back to our house, instead of doing the studying I'd planned, I made more of these...

I guess you could say it was a pretty productive few days - for a holiday!

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  1. hehe - We spent the last 3 days in the same place as you!!!! Its possible we crossed paths as we spent every day in the Victor Harbout Op shops (can u believe there are 6 of them in that tiny town?! *heart*), AND went whale watching on Thursday. We didnt get to see the white juvenile tho :( Mark's daughter was rather impressed as the whale waved directly at her. We did a little bit of whale calling too from the beach just for fun lol. I dont think I ever want to drive again for another week!!! Good luck with the studying x